Everyone seems irrelevant to you the moment your core life values are concentrated upon yourself. A single being is nothing compared to a multitude and as such, it is imperative that we all give out more than we keep in. Our needs are relatively limited, the needs of people are much.

Rejoice with everyone and be not envious, mourn with those who mourn and be not proud, meet needs; visit the sick, homeless and needy. Clear out debts, fulfil the promises you must have made, pay wages when due, show care not only unto what belongs to you or unto people you may know. Be prayerful not only over situations that concern you but also over the concerns of the general public as well as over multitudes of people; pray not only over your household but also over your neighbors, community, country and the world at large. Don’t just ask God…

Must we always have some form of troubles hunting after our very existence?

In the wake of the COVID19 aka Coronavirus pandemic which had found itself into the shores of 213 countries on the global map, the human race faces a fight against a disease whose widespread is high in comparison with previous known pandemics over the past century.

The global death toll as at 6th July, 2020; 2134 hours GMT stands at 539,023 with over 11 million recorded cases worldwide. Although not yet in contest with its contemporaries in most recent past, the pandemic has been a source a…

Dancing alone could be much fun, your steps are never out of place; you don’t step on yourself nor on someone else, neither does anyone step on you. Any dance step suits whatever beat, you pause when you feel like and none of two persons complain about the content of each other’s dance steps….. #DANCE ALONE!!!

Build; don’t break,

Give; don’t take,

When lost; find a way,

When weak; take a break,

In sleep; stay awake,

Be free; not caged,

When caged; don’t quake,

Be still; think great,

When great; don’t underrate,

From evil; deviate,

When cornered; think straight,

To gloom; say nay,

Don’t coward; stay brave,

In strife; don’t be lame,

When all seems hopeless; don’t cry, just pray.

Nothing in this life ought to be taken for granted; all occurrences are for certain reasons. Every occurrence stands out as the only possible outcome; the only one out of the numerous imaginable outcomes to have occurred.

Coming into this world of ours, paths have either been crossed or ran into. We have come across faces, faces that have either remained as so or have been converted into friendly subjects, what I view as the essence of the life we live in.

For each man or woman we come across, it is expected of us to create room for love…

Genuine, undiluted, unselfish, and universal LOVE is the purest form of worship……

MONEY is a weapon which if not properly put to use could turn its user into a victim; a victim of hurt, astonishment; name those crude words synonymous with shock; they’ll all fit in like a SOLVED CROSSWORD PUZZLE.

Money would attract you more enemies than friends. Money is an enemy to many people but most persons can NEVER, I REPEAT most persons can NEVER be an enemy to money; they smile in its face whereas money does the exact opposite.

You are either a SLAVE to or a MASTER of the money you own. Money would buy you fewer…

Fights are very necessary in life and what matters most is what we fight against. In my opinion, there exists a few things which we must always put up fights against and these are: fighting against hate hence breeding love, putting aside discord and ensuing peace, standing against deceptions and always presenting the truth, and rising against prejudice and upholding justice……

The human specie stands at a point in time when a common enemy hunts after its existence. The entire response cutting across homes, societies, countries, continents has defined partially what our stand as a people could be.

It’s funny though that we are rising up this strong against an enemy this young when many an enemy quite old still grips hard at our throats. In regards to the COVID 19 pandemic, the global response has been commendable, yet questionable. …

Geoffrey Ihagh

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