Must we always have some form of troubles hunting after our very existence?

In the wake of the COVID19 aka Coronavirus pandemic which had found itself into the shores of 213 countries on the global map, the human race faces a fight against a disease whose widespread is high in comparison with previous known pandemics over the past century.

The global death toll as at 6th July, 2020; 2134 hours GMT stands at 539,023 with over 11 million recorded cases worldwide. Although not yet in contest with its contemporaries in most recent past, the pandemic has been a source a worry due to its fatality rate. At its peak, the US lost over 2,000 of it’s citizen to the pandemic alone within a 24 hour period.

In the height of this spread, armed conflicts, civil unrests as well as terrorists activities have declined to levels which have almost proven to us that they never were existent. My questions are how and why?

Must we always have some form of troubles hunting after our very existence?. It would seem to every reasonable or rational thinking human that these assumedly hard-hitting men would never succumb to whatever condition that would stand against a propaganda which they have invested a total waste of their time, strengths and strategies into by hunting on the likes of their own specie.

If they could hunt after their kind in moments when peace seems a door or two away, wouldn’t it be rather sane to increase tensions or step up the chaos in the face of an existing danger at least for reasons of being stealthy; for the sake of elements of surprises.

Well, for reasons best known to them and deeply conflicting to me, I can see clearly that within the cave of their outward thoughts, they have built an imaginary and illusive image which accepts unrest as a basis for the day to day living within every human society.

Why create problems in times of peace and then retract when there is an existing problem only to return to such acts when everything normalizes?, It all boils down to the human heart.

There have been wars and large scale corruption cases, violation of human rights as well as every imaginable malpractice ongoing within various levels of our societies and yet no uprisings whatsoever has had any positive headway. Protests against the incompetence of governments in place have been met with strict resistances by forces loyal to the existing government, and none of these have deterred any of the wrong acts that were being protested against in the first place.

Little wonder is given to the fact that our prisons and correctional institutions are resident to a higher percentage of the low class when there actually are more grievous violations in the middle and top classes. A single violation at the top class could be responsible for the impoverishment of thousands and at the long run millions, it could as well be responsible for the closure of factories and companies, the fold up of businesses, the termination of jobs and the build up of various heart related issues amidst many other complications, and death at the long run.

We become more vulnerable in the face of future problems the moment we take for granted the many or few which we have chosen to live comfortably with in the present. A future CEO would most certainly be prone to criminal intent for as long as the fall guy for his atrocities would be no other person than someone else. It would be more grave in third world countries where the corruption scale is much higher. In Africa for instance where there exists high rates of hunger and poverty, corruption seems to be the way out and as such a high percentage of the population sides with corruption, rejoicing with corrupt office holders even when the law chases after them.

These are but a few instances which have and are still in the act of eating through us since we are a comfortable host which sees nothing wrong for as long as the acts are humanly propagated. It’s sad to add that we can’t stand up against natural disasters and illnesses for as long as our own human induced acts annihilate us; we are at mercy’s crossroads as long as we find it tasking to curtail the negative effects of the creation of our own hands.

Coming back to the status quo “Must we always have some form of troubles hunting after our very existence?. Outlined above are but a few of the myriad of points which are a threat to us as humans and they in turn give a microscopic view into the evil that lay beneath in the cloak known as ‘negligence’.

If we can put in place barriers, road blocks, street grids, stay at home, flight and travel restrictions, keep cities on lockdown and enact them as laws over a temporal or sudden occurrence, then it is expected highly of us to unite against those near permanent occurrences which would surely resurface after the pandemic must have subsided or have ceased since we never did put up a fight against them.

We need to work collectively as a race to fight against the ills which peculiarly stand against us in many ways. Taking this stand doesn’t entail putting up a fight against those ills which only discomfort a certain class of people hence giving more energy to the immunity clause which I strongly find as bias. Any form of power that can place a competent man or woman at the helms of affairs of any leadership is but commendable, making anyone devoid of any repercussions or placing anyone above any law is preposterous.

Any form of favoritism easily triggers thoughts of secession within a class of people who feel marginalized in the littlest of ways. In the face of various aggrieved groups, insecurity and chaos would most definitely be the next agenda on the menu to be expected and once this becomes the menu on the table, you can expect an acute rise in armed groups and militia of varying sorts.

Hence, the quelling of our comfort in the realm of corrupt practices and/or extortion of whatever kind, high percentages of greed which defeats any sharing formula or quota system, nepotism as well as racism all summed up in the word “favoritism” should be taken out of our day to day diaries. Only when we are solidly bent down on bringing this into play in the present as well as the future tenses of our living would we then be able to bring sanity into the consciousness of human reasoning, thinking and living. Until then, we are long shots away from fighting against natural causes as long as man made causes still elude us.